Some of the largest entertainment industries on the internet in the 21st century are porn and gaming industry. It should come as no surprise that these two work very well combined and that such a combination exists for a long time now.

Immersion and interactivity are important things when it comes to pleasure in the adult industry. Watching a beautiful girl choking on big, fat cocks and riding them balls deep in 4K sure is satisfying but can sometimes feel dull and distant. That is why there is an almost endless amount of porn games.

They open a whole new world of opportunities. With animated and CG porn, the only limits are your imagination. Of course, images don't "look real" but don't tell me you never had a crush on a cartoon on a video game girl and wanted to pound her tight pussy until she screams in orgasm. That is what Wet Pussy Games lets you do.

Their galleries are filled with free games in a flash format, featuring all sorts of gameplay and art styles. Most of the time, you will be looking at hentai drawings and animations but every now and then there will be something involving clips and images of real girls or 3D rendered stuff.

Gameplay varies a lot but mostly allows you to play with one hand while vigorously tugging your meat with the other. You get to watch a chick suck a hard cock while you control the environment, pace, etc. There are puzzles, RPGs, interactive videos, undressing games, dating sims... you name it. Given that everything is online, files are small in size and load fast, letting you quickly browse through content and find something that suits your fancy. However, don't let fast browsing fool you thinking you'll see everything in a few minutes.

There are hundreds of games available, ensuring you'll get lost for hours on end, playing and fapping. A lot of this type of content is a naughty parody of popular characters from movies, cartoons, video games, comics, etc. while there is an even bigger number of original titles with their own stories and characters.

The downside of them being flash and online is that, due to the file size constraints, you can't expect the quality to be anywhere near popular, mainstream games like Witcher or Overwatch, but be damn sure you'll find girls from those games doing things so kinky you'll be sorry you didn't discover this site sooner.

Of course, not every game they have is great and amazing. Some animations are very simple and will make you laugh and not turn you on, and some artists and programmers are better than others, meaning you will run into some poor drawings and gameplay every now and then. However, there are many categories present, properly indexed, and conveniently placed on the landing page, and there is a search option letting you find exactly what you want, so sit back, relax, find what you like and enjoy.

Review Pros

  • Lots of games
  • Easy searching
  • Interactive game-play

Review Cons

  • Occasional bad animation

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