The Brand-New Resident Evil Porn Parody

If you’re a Resident Evil fan you can’t deny the fact that you’ve har at one point or another some dirty thoughts about the girls in the series. The way they are portrayed in the original releases sure has made you horny many times. They’re all hot vixens and you can feel the tension between them and the stud male characters. At the same time, I know that so many of you are into dirtier things when it comes to porn. If you are the kind of guy who gets aroused by monster and tentacle porn, then this game is also for you. There are also zombies in this game and they get a piece of that fine Resident Evil ass. Let me tell you more about this xxx parody in the following paragraphs.

An Extreme Porn Game Parody

There are guys who are playing Resident Evil for the chicks and there are guys who are playing it for the zombies. This xxx parody brings you both of these worlds. You will enjoy sex scenes in which the babes are fucked by the hot studs and also extreme scenes in which they get ravished by the monster. The man sex scenes are more sensual and they’re all about satisfying the vixens, while the zombie scenes are all about BDSM punishments, tentacle stretching, double penetration and lots of screaming. The characters are exactly the ones from the original series. Amongst the hottest chicks of this game you will find Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Rebeca Chambers or Claire Redfield. The men and the zombies are also real characters from the game.

The graphics are pretty similar with the original release, but I like the fact that the developers gave all the chicks bigger boobs and both the zombies and the men are rocking some massive dicks. All the extreme sex action will seem so real thanks to the excellent graphics and physics of the game. This browser based adult game looks better than the first two releases of the Resident Evil series. It’s impressive how far adult gaming has come and you can enjoy the result of this evolution for free by playing Resident Simulator.

Review Pros

  • New XXX Parody
  • Unbelievable Graphics
  • BDSM Zombie Sex

Review Cons

  • Very addictive

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