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Places like Violent Sex Games are somewhat new. In the past, those places were nonexistent and even enjoying regular porn was much harder than it is today. So much so that we've had to wait for the after-hours to enjoy some sweet, sexy action on TV, or go out to rent a DVD or even a video-tape. Then there were stacks upon stacks of porn magazines, some of which are still selling today.

Sounds like ancient history. So ancient, in fact, that modern generations haven't even experienced any of it, because today we have wonders of the internet. Limitless opportunities with these games Internet brought a complete and overall revolution to nearly every aspect of human life and a lot of it had to do with entertainment.

Considering porn represents the majority of entertainment and internet content, it's no wonder sites like ViolentSexGames have gotten so much popular nowadays. With people constantly looking to improve the ways of having fun, it was only a matter of time before we could enjoy porn in more ways than just idly watching. That time is now long gone as we have this beautiful thing called adult online games.

Experiencing porn by just watching can become boring, no matter how good the content. Sure, watching hot and sexy pictures and videos is undeniably satisfying, but immersion is the real deal. Online XXX games, apart from just watching, let you enjoy porn on a whole different level. You get to control the outcome, interact with characters and take things your way, which is why they have gained so much popularity and are only growing with every passing moment.

Immersive experience with adult porn games Kinky and naughty fun start right off the bat, the moment you click the link to enter ViolentSexGames. You are greeted with a perfect shot of a stunning, naked CGI babe taking a big, throbbing cock up her tight pussy with her large, perky tits showing. The site asks you whether you are OK with violent sex and sexual submission, to which you should absolutely say yes.

Once you agree, a mini-game starts which you get to play and experience before entering the site. Keep in mind, this is just the fraction of what ViolentSexGames has to offer. First, you choose whether you like single-player or multiplayer games. Then, you get to pick whether you want to be a beast or a human. After that, you are presented with two gorgeous babes by the names Sonata and Tarine, and you get to pick one to be your sex slave. Having finished all of that, you are required to verify your age and a short poll before finally entering the site.

While you are confirming that you are OK with aggressive sex, playing addictive online games, domination, female submission or answering whether you have any medical conditions that would stop you from playing such games, there is a seductive female voice talking to you while a slideshow of erotic porn pictures with hot, render babes getting fucked by massive cocks rolls in the background.

Immense variety with online porn games Upon finishing this kinky little mini-game, you are presented with a few more naughty questions, such as to pick your turn-ons between extreme sex, group sex, domination, fantasies, and celebrity characters before finally being given the option to input your credit card details and register to the main site. Don't let the credit card thing put you off, it is the best way for them to confirm that you are over 18 and there is always a trial option after which you can cancel the membership. But that tiny bit of kinky fun, you're finally in. And if you're a fan of extreme sex, rough abuse, and punishment, this is just the place for you.

The main site that you enter after playing around with ViolentSexGames is called My Gamer Vault. Vault it indeed is because the amount of content they have is stunning. Interactivity with adult games ViolentSexGames gives a good preview of what to expect, with its stunning renders, kinky poll, and luscious female voice, but that is nowhere near enough. If you are looking to dominate innocent or naughty girls, this is the place for you.

Fans of BDSM will enjoy beautiful graphics and interesting mechanics which are able to really convince a player he is actually punishing and playing with a horny slave schoolgirl. There are games which let you attend the university filled with girls who love getting into fights and, with titles like Naked Knockout, Tuff Girl, or War Goddesses, you just know you can't go wrong trying everything out. Additional content that goes with online adult games While ViolentSexGames naturally leads you to a place filled with games featuring aggressive sex, they do have a lot of other content, made to suit everyone's needs.

There are hundreds of games in other genres, with all kinds of artwork and game-play styles. Whether you like porn parodies on popular movies, TV shows, triple-A video game titles or even book series, you are bound to find something in these galleries. If you have a crush on a fictional character, chances are she is featured in one or more titles in this vault.

On top of all that, for those who are still looking for a good old fashioned pornography involving videos and picture galleries, they got you covered there also. Their DVD archive gives access to titles like Deepthroat Creampies or Anal Party Orgies and there are even tamer and more vanilla titles in two bonus sites you get access to with their premium membership.

XXX HD Vault and Premium Porn HD will give you all the regular porn you'll ever want. All of that sounds like an amazing deal. Sure, you might run into a glitchy or buggy game every now and then, but that makes exploring erotic online games all the more interesting.

Review Pros

  • Aggressive games
  • Captivating game-play
  • Various content

Review Cons

  • Some ads
  • Some bad games

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