Sex Simulator

Sex Simulator is the kind of game that is becoming a big thing. We can sit around and discuss whether it's a bad thing or a good thing. But we both know the truth - it's the best fucking thing ever. Some guys don't have a regular sexual release, and sometimes they need to take extreme measures to make up for the lack of it.

And that's what I'm here for, to give you proper material to take care of your 'problems.' And this is exactly what this is, a great tool to help you achieve sexual enlightening. In this game, you can play as different characters and fuck different characters too. For example, right at the start, you can choose which gender do you want to be, and you can just take it from there. If you're a dude and you wish to fuck some good girls, then go for it. If you're a girl, but you've somehow wandered into this Sex Simulator world, then so be it.

Choose a Girl And Play With Her

And you can even mix it up, which means trying out a different gender too, just to see what it is like for both sides. After that, you can choose your partners gender, and you can also spice it up by making multiple partners, changing their genders, and whatever else that you want to do.

Sex Simulator offers you a complete and exciting experience

And it offers you to customize every single detail in your partner, even their age. It's ranging from teen to MILF, and lastly, mature. So don't be complaining, because you get the full freedom to do everything. After that, you confirm your age, and after that, you get a series of questions that'll determine whether you're fit to play this game, but there's really no way you can fail this 'test.' For example, whether you tolerate extreme sex, and whether you have an addictive nature. That's simply because Sex Simulator is a really addictive game, and if you're not careful, you might just get hooked.

After that, you have some minor specifications, like whether you'd like to enjoy a single game, or maybe you'd like to have a multiplayer experience, so that's a good thing too. And if you'd like to get a multiplayer experience, I suppose that you have to pay at least a small fee to get a VIP membership and do it.

What I don't really like is that, after you answer all of their questions, you have a long registration process ahead of you. Not just your normal 'put in the info and pay,' but they also ask for some private stuff as well. And just so we're clear, it's not because they want to collect your private data, no. It's simply something that they need to have, especially your location. This is specifically so that they can use that to attract other players in your area and make them come to you. Basically, Sex Simulator is a game that has every single necessary feature incorporated, and they thought of everything.

Sex Simulator Multiplayer Mode

If you're playing in the multiplayer mode, then you'll have some wild adventures with other people, and you can have every single kind of sex, from some one-on-one action to a full-blown orgy/gang bang. And if you're playing alone, you can do the same thing, only here you control everything. From your looks to your partner's looks. And to what kind of action and pose are you guys fucking in this time, and details like that.

Sex Simulator is pretty much a fresh new game, filled with great stuff, awesome and professional animations, good actions, good customisation options, and everything else that you can imagine. In fact, it's one of the only games of this kind on the internet. You don't often get a game as good as this one, especially today. Most of these games and ads for them are just your usual clickbait shit that like transfers viruses to your PC, but it's different with this game.

Sex games before were just a bunch of pictures moving with a couple of controls for you to have fun with. But in this modern world, you just have to go and play these games, because the choices are fantastic. There has never been this much gaming freedom in the porn world! These are good times that we live in, obviously. Anyways, it's your choice, and mine is to let you know that this exists. You also choose what kind of characters do you want to play with, and how do you want to be related to them. It can be the obvious incest choice, or it can be like your bosses wife or whatever. It can even be a famous cartoon character, and you can customize them all. That means that if you like a female cartoon character, but you're also into shemales, you can just add a dick to your character and you're good to go.

Sex Simulator Allows You To Do anything

You can also change your, or your sex partner's appearance, boob size, dick size, ass size, anytime you want, or you can create a new partner as well. Group sex options are pretty great too, because these can get wild as hell, and you can't stop playing. That's why they even have these cautions, to warn you while it's still the time. It's great to play games like the Sex Simulator, but you also have to be careful! You need to finish your shit first, because this game is highly addictive, and it's easy to get hooked and not to notice it. All in all, this is a great game, and you'll have lots of fun playing it. If you want, go and join right now, because you'll get amazing perks, and you'll be glad you did it. If you skip on this offer though, you'll surely regret it.

Review Pros

  • Great animations
  • Exciting action
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Very Addictive

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