DickDolls – The Hermaphrodite Simulator

Many men are calling this title a trans game, but I would rather call it a hermaphrodite game. That’s because of a certain particularity that the naughty developers of the game put in when they created the characters. What I’m talking about are the genitals of the babes in the DickDolls action. The main theme of this game is trans sex, with hot busty chicks who have massive dicks. But they have something more than just dicks. Instead of balls, underneath those monster cocks, the babes have some wet pussies. And they put them to good use. Let’s see the many possibilities opened up by the fact that the chicks in this game have both dicks and pussies in the following paragraphs of our fresh DickDolls review.

The Kinky Sex Play In DickDolls

DickDolls is one of the games that is enjoyed by all men, no matter their sexual orientation. That’s because the action is so kinky and dirty that no one could ever resist. You can play as either a giver or a receiver, which is basically a dom or a sub. First of all, it has a lot of trans on girl action. The chicks with dicks are fucking helpless babes in the pussy and ass or they humiliate them by shoving their long hard dicks down their throats. But then there’s the trans on trans action, in which the hot hermaphrodite characters are fucking other chicks with dicks in their pussy while the cock is being jerked off or sucked. The naughty action is not stopping here. Even the solo sex scenes of this game are pretty intense. You can help a solo hermaphrodite babe masturbate in a kinky way. She will jerk off her cock and suck on it while fingering her trans pussy. The orgasm will feature a lot of squirt, and a huge load of sperm that will shoot right into their own mouths. And this is how you take advantage of the hardcore sex game universe, by creating wild scenarios which could never happen in real life.

The DickDolls Graphics

DickDolls is one of the most recent online games in the trans category. Everything was built in HTML5 and it comes with amazing graphics. The characters are realistic and very detailed. Each of them is unique, and it has a different style and personality. For example, you get Justine, with her big smooth dick, a full body fishnet costume, big hard nipples, short blonde hair and a smooth long dick. But my favorite is Christy, a busty brunette chick with a veiny cock and massive balls who loves to have her dick shoved down the throats of her partners. There are many other chicks with dicks in this collection, each of them with different features. Explore them all by playing the game. You won’t have to download anything. You just need a stable internet collection and you can play everything online. Go play the game and come back to tell us how much fun you had with the hermaphrodite babes of DickDolls.

Review Pros

  • Each Character Is Unique
  • Modern HTML5 Graphics
  • Dirty Sex Adventures

Review Cons

  • No Trans On Man Sex

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