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Have you ever dreamed about being a big, nasty monster with a huge cock? If you're male, you probably have, at some point, and playing monster games is the closest you'll get to being a burly monster with a huge cock that pounds cunts of gorgeous human girls. I mean, it's not enough being a human with an average dick, you want to be a monster with a fat dick who pounds chicks senseless and makes them lose their minds because of all the harsh sex you'll be having with them.

Their cunts will be torn apart from all kinds of cocks, but none will match yours. Doesn't that sound like a neat little fantasy? I'd say it does! Well, "monster sex games" allows you to live through the fantasy of being a mean, green monster with a devilish peen that loves sliding inside none other than human pussies and stretching them so much that they're practically useless for other sex partners the girl may have after you, as they will not even be able to feel them with their cunts. It's amazing stuff I tell you.

Too bad that you can't say a prayer to one of the many gods who hover above us in the distant space and turn into a monster, according to their will. It sucks. But yeah, this is the closest you'll get to being a cunt-crushing monster capable of re-arranging cunts of insatiable girls.

What you'll be seeing in this video game after signing up real quick is nothing but extreme sex. The game will ask you a lot of questions such as whether you want to re-enact the male part of the fantasy, which is being a huge monster with a huge cock capable of demolishing cunts, or rather, if you want to live out the girl's part of the fantasy, where you are taken and worn out from the amazing monster-sex that you'll be having. It's great stuff, really. Nothing but pure sex and violence, and it's all happening right there in front of your very eyes, it's just like you're the monster, rather than pretending to be one, seeing gals squirm as your meaty pole forces its way deep inside them, crushing their guts and filling their uterus with monstrous warm cum.

The kind of cum that feels so good to have inside of your cunt that makes every girl smile from ear to ear once it touches the walls of their womb. That's the kind of cum you'll be shooting inside of human females in this game. Don't you think that's nice? I'd say it is, mate. Who wouldn't? Every high-testosterone male wants to live out a fantasy just like that one.

You're not a so guy or something like that, are you? I hope that you're not, because these violent scenes are the kind of scenes that could be quite painful for you to watch, and no one wants that to happen to poor, little you. Man up, and give monster games a shot right now!

Review Pros

  • Great graphics
  • Stunning girls
  • Monsters porn games

Review Cons

  • Game mechanics are too simple
  • Ads inside

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