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Toon Sex Games...what kinda name is that? Couldn't they have come up with something a little bit more creative or something? I mean, this is quite literally one of the most generic names I've ever heard! Well, at least I can safely assume that I'm going to see some tits and pussy in this game, right? You'll have to sign the fuck up, and luckily, this is a quick and simple process. After you're done with this, you'll end up in a location that happens to be named "Gamer Access Hub."

Let's start with the funniest name on the page, which happens to be Assasin's See: Orgies. Honestly, I laughed in real life upon reading the name of this game. It's supposed to parody Assasin's Creed: Origins, but man oh man...these people are so crafty with their words. Now, there's a feature called "story mode," and the thing is, this story mode isn't what a story mode is in most video games. A story mode or a campaign mode is most video games would mean that you have to interact with the video game somehow, however, the story mode in Assasin's Seed (God, the name cracks me up every time) allows you to lay back as gorgeous images pop up in front of you so that you can have your hands completely free. Obviously, this is a great thing if you want to masturbate, and you surely came to this website in order to do so. However, the main game is playable just using your mouse, so you can even choose stuff other than the story mode, and you'll still be able to masturbate. The graphics are great, too, and it's pretty god damn easy to get into this game, seeing as it's very easy to play it.

Now, at the bottom of the page, you would see a few more links that would take you to other games. These video games are actually located on other websites, so you probably would have to sign up in order to play these. The games found here are actually porno games that have been reviewed before by your one and only, Best-Sex-Games.Com Editor. So, it's games such as Narcos XXX and Crystal Maidens.

Review Pros

  • Pretty good graphics
  • Easy to Get into
  • Many bonus movies

Review Cons

  • Ads inside

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