The Game of Bone

Damn, couldn't they have come up with a name that is a little bit more creative or something? I mean...the game of bone, seriously? Oh well, I guess that's good enough for a porno game, right? One of the few things that are frequently enjoyed by fans of pornography apart from nudity are good humor and video games, and these two just so happen to come together in the wonderful shell that is the "game of bone" where gorgeous chicks from "game of thrones" get their lusty holes filled with meaty poles of burly, strong men.

First thing first, you should know that you're not only getting access to a single game, but rather, by getting access to the game of bone, you're also going to be able to play other various video games on the internet as well, and yes, they're all erotic game, which is a pretty great if you ask me, or anyone else, for that matter. Everyone loves some free bonus stuff, I'm sure. You gain full access to "MyUserVault," and basically, this is nothing but a fancy adult site where you get quite a bit of nifty features and loads of hot content that you can enjoy. You get to see quite of a bit of these amazing free cam shows, they're real stunners, and they're surely worth checking out. Furthermore, there's tons of categorized 3D adult movies that just so happens to be fantasy related. So, it's all creatures like skeletons, fairies, and orcs. It's pretty fucked up sometimes, but hey, whatever floats your boat!

Now, within the "gaming" area there are quite a few games, you get to see things such as "grand fuck auto" and "trondage." There are way too many sexy parodies in here that take places in the universes of "Thor" or "X-Men", for example. However, you'll want to end up navigating to "Game of whores." It has a great intro, and the music is indeed amazing. Pretty much, it feels just like the intro of the TV series, which is great.

You can play the entire game with one hand, so you could say that the designers of the game were pretty sure you'd be jacking off with one hand while you live through the slutty wonderland that is "game of whores" via your web browser. However, the graphics and sound are actually quite impressive, which is indeed a pleasant surprise. There is quite a bit of other adult GoT themed games inside this page, too, so Game of Bone is surely going to keep you entertained for quite some time.

So far, we've learned that the combination of a love for video games and a love for game of thrones, we get a wonderful love child that is "the game of bone"! Nothing but good graphics, good sound awaits you in here, and you don't even need to use two hands while you play through the game, so masturbation is quite easy. It's also quite easy to get into the game as gameplay isn't complicated.

Review Pros

  • Bonus porn games
  • Bonus porno DVDs
  • Bonus GoT adult games

Review Cons

  • Non-HTTPS
  • Ads inside

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