Star Hoes – Ray Is The New Slut

Although the Star Wars series had so many hot babes, Leia was the one that made so many of us horny, especially in her slave outfit. However, times have passed and the story has evolved. It has new characters and the main hottie is just as hot. I’m talking about Ray, who is now one of the most lust after characters in mainstream entertainment. However, there are no hot scenes with her so far. We haven’t seen her in such a sexy role as the one of Leia when she was the slave of Jabba The Hutt. However, we get something even better. We get an entire game in which Ray is the main slut and she enjoys getting dicked down by everyone in the lore. It’s the game everyone waited for, and it has everything. The sex is amazing.

It has all the kinks and fantasies you would like to try with the gorgeous Ray. On top of that, the graphics and the physics of the game are making the whole action so realistic. I’ve enjoyed the game, and I bet that you will enjoy it too. I’ve prepared a review for you in the following paragraphs, so that you will know everything about the game before you even start playing it.

Ray: The Sluttiest Star Wars Character

Although Ray isn’t portrayed too explicitly in the original story, the creators of the Star Wars series knew exactly what they did when they created her persona on screen. Sometimes, an attitude and a personality makes a character way hotter than if she would be dressed slutty. That’s why Ray is the subject of so many fantasies amongst Star Wars fans. And all those fantasies will be pleased in the action of the Star Hoes porn game . The sex is amazing in the gameplay of this title. You get everything from solo action to threesomes and gangbangs.

Ray is the only babe in this game, and you will enjoy her exploring her sexuality. In the solo sex scene, she fucks her pussy with the handle of a lightsaber. Most of the kinky sex scenes are featuring her getting some mad dick from Clone Troopers. I love those scenes because you can feel that enemy tension between them and Ray and she gets fucked in rough ways. But the wildest sex scene is when Ray is getting fucked by Kylo Ren. At the same time, the Finn, who is dreaming all the time about Ray’s pussy, finally gets to push his big black cock down her throat an in her holes. All these scenes and much more can be enjoyed in this brand new sex game.

Amazing Graphics in Star Hoes

Star Hoes is one of the newest games in the adult gaming world. It comes with excellent graphics and physics, because the game was build on the new HTML5 technology. The realism in the game is excellent because the developers put more work into smooth movements and realistic body anatomy, rather than 3D rendering that tries to imitate reality. I would compare the graphics style of this game with the one used by Blizzard to create Overwatch. I also like the sound effects in the game.

Although there is no speech dialogue in the game, because it would have been hard to recreate the voices of the original characters, the sex sounds are excellent. Both the moaning and the sounds made by the cocks railing Ray’s pussy or going down her throat are amazing. Also, there are a couple of sex scenes in which you’ll play from POV perspective, and those scenes will make you feel like Ray is sucking on your dick or jumping on it.

Conclusions on Star Hoes

Although there are many porn games that are featuring Star Wars characters, even some other titles featuring Ray in the main role, I can fairly say that StarHoes is the best one so far. And you can play it for free. You will need to register so that you can confirm your age. But once you do that, you’re free to play it, and the gameplay is available directly in your browser. Get ready to be impressed by the wild adventures of Ray and all the dicks that stretched her.

Review Pros

  • Amazing Game Physics
  • Free To Play
  • Lots Of Characters

Review Cons

  • No forum

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