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Sonic Sex Games – The Kinkiest Sony Adult Parody

I just love SonicSexGames! The developers knew exactly what vibe to adopt when it came to creating the parody for the famous Sonic lore. There are characters out there that should be treated more seriously and sensually, such as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, or the babes from Game of Thrones. Those are chicks you genuinely want to fuck. But when it comes to the babes in the Sonic universe, although they might be sexy at times, you really want to see them get dirty in a funky style.

Sonic Porn Games is a parody that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s good. I also like the graphic choices they made when developing this game. This isn’t the kind of game that will fulfill your deepest fantasies, but you will have fun with it nonetheless. Let me tell you more about it in these following paragraphs.

The Gameplay In SonicSexGames

Let’s face it! Sonic has that fuck boy attitude, and Knuckles sure rocks a big dick energy in every reinterpretation of the story. It’s not hard to picture them fucking. But the developers went far enough to ruin the innocence of Tails. They gave him a massive dick and you can play him in this game.

These are the three characters options you will get in the game. You’re going to use them to rail Amy, Cream, Blaze and even Rogue. Although this is a childish cartoon, the sex in the adult parody is pretty intense. There’s furious pussy drilling, extreme anal sex and some amazing blowjobs, plus rough deepthroat.

The contrast between the cuteness of the Sonic characters and the naughtiness of the sex they engage in throughout this game is the special element that flavors this game. The creators knew how to spice things up when designing the characters. They gave everyone oversized sexual parts. The chicks have some massive tits and their asses are big and bouncy, while the boys are fucking them with some monster dicks. I like the little Easter Eggs in the game, such as the classic Sonic ring Knuckles has on his cock when he fucks one of the girls. The gameplay also comes with threesomes and swinging scenes.

Accept Your Dirty Side

Sonic is not an adult game for anyone, and it’s sure not a game you’d want to be caught playing. So, make sure you’re home alone when you indulge into it. Playing it is free and you can enjoy it on any device you want, directly into your browser with no downloads required. Just follow the link on our site and you’ll be playing it in less than a minute.

You’ll choose your character and then you’ll start fucking. After you’ve fucked all the babes with one character, start the game again and choose another. You can only play male characters for now. But the game is still in beta and maybe things will change in the future.

Review Pros

  • Famous Characters
  • Kinky Sex Gameplay
  • Bonus HD videos

Review Cons

  • No forum
  • Ads inside

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