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Slut Selector – Virtual Sex Simulator With Goddesses

The sex simulator of our times are getting better by the year. One of the latest porn games in this genre is SlutSelector, which gives you the chance to experience all kinds of kinks with perfectly designed virtual babes. You will be the master of your own fantasies, in a virtual world that offers you everything from passionate love making to dirty BDSM domination.

This game is straight forward. With a strong focus on sex, it will keep you on the edge for at least two hours of intense gameplay. And the best part about it is that you can experience it for free. I’ve been playing this game even before I had to write a review about it. And I’m sure that you will bookmark it after you’ll play it for the first time. In the following paragraphs I’m going to tell you why.

Perfect Graphics and Wild Gameplay

Slut Selector gives you a bit of customization. It’s not much but it’s there. You will be able to choose the size of your avatar’s dick, and the size of the boobs and asses of the babes. Other than that, you can’t change anything about the babes. However, the game comes with a selection of characters that will please all your fantasies. Amongst them you will find the fun beach girl, the loving girlfriend, the kinky stripper and the submissive BDSM slave. Each of them will fuck you in a different way, but all the sex game play throughout the game is intense. There’s a lot of cock sucking in all stiles, from cock worshiping to merciless deep throat, there’s anal sex and there’s titty fucking.

The sex is also realistic, mostly because the babes of Slut Selector were carefully crafted. Their bodies are well proportioned, they have amazing skin and body details that you will love, and they even come with different pussies. I love their face reactions and I also love the moaning and heavy breathing when you fuck them. The body parts are responsive, and you will enjoy this the most in the moments when they get on top of you. Also, some of the babes are wearing sexy lingerie that matches their personality, and they even use toys during sex.

Play This Game Right Now

It will take you less than a minute to play this game. All you have to do is follow our link and confirm that you’re over 18 years old. There will be no need for payment or download. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’re good to go. More than that, you can even enjoy the action in 4K, but only on Chrome and Mozilla, and only on PC. The game also works on Mac and mobile, but at 1080p max resolution. And before you start playing, make sure that you freed up your schedule. This game is going to get you hooked.

Review Pros

  • Complete Virtual Sex Experience
  • Multiple Sex Partners
  • Customization
  • BDSM Action

Review Cons

  • Realistic Characters
  • 4K Graphics
  • Extended Gameplay

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