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Every day I scour vast planes of the internet far and wide to bring you the best of the best and, let me tell you, places like Sex Emulator really make me love what I do. With marvelous progress in technology which gave us realistic CGI, immense processing power and extremely fast internet speed, my job just keeps getting better and more interesting every day.

A whole new experience with online XXXGames Long gone are times when the best ways to enjoy wonders of adult entertainment were only porn magazines or DVDs. Not to say I have anything against those, many us grew up wanking to those glorious, hardworking ladies with beautiful, nude bodies they showed just to us. However, nowadays so many things are possible that simply watching a picture, or even a video, no matter how amazing it is, can become boring or feel lackluster.

There is so much more to adult entertainment than just sitting idly and watching because immersion plays a huge part in the overall experience. Luckily, in online world options are virtually limitless and so we can be thankful to horny guys and gals with artistic talent or programming skills for blessing us with things like Sex Emulator. Not only can you watch and visually enjoy beautiful babes stripping naked and doing all kinds of naughty and kinky things, but you can also immerse yourself and interact with them, control them, demand from them to fulfill your deepest and most hidden desires.

Anyone can enjoy playing adult games With only limits being creator's skill and imagination, it should come to a no surprise there is a huge variety when it comes to online games. Sex Emulator demonstrates that right off the bat. As soon as you click on the link you are in for a good time. The adult experience starts immediately and you are presented with a number of choices.

First, you choose between the soft, hard and extreme type of action. Then, you get to create your perfect sex doll. You are greeted with a gorgeous CGI babe and you get to style her appearance. You first get to choose her name and pick her ethnicity by choosing between Caucasian, Asian and Black. All of the changes can be seen in real-time so you can enjoy the naked babe while you model her. After choosing name and race you can pick her hair color and breast size.

I know I've had a blast here and spent on this much more time than I should've. All that is left is to spread skill points between sucking, spanking, anal and feet and you've got yourself a perfect girl. Keep in mind that all of this is merely a small preview of what the site actually offers, as Sex Emulator really lives up to its name. Nevertheless, you have a stunning CGI girl in front of you and you can make her use a dildo on her ass, play with her tits, feet, etc. Some of the options are locked and require a subscription but who wouldn't want to subscribe after all of that?

Online games are the next level of adult entertainment Once you are done playing the mini-game, you are only one step away from entering the real site on Sex Emulator. By entering your credit card info you acknowledge that you are 18 years old or older and then you gain access. Keep in mind there is a free trial period so you can always cancel your subscription if you really don't feel like having fun.

Once inside is when the real experience begins. The member's area is a pretty big place and is not only reserved for porn titles. Apart from having hundreds of games, Sex Emulator features sex cams, hardcore and softcore videos of all types and in all genres, whether you love amateurs, Asians, creampies. Then there are tons of hentai pictures and clips and, given that the main accent is on computer-generated content, there are tons of CGI images and videos.

Sex Emulator really does what it says. It lets you simulate and emulate the adult experience. If you are feeling particularly kinky and naughty or have a certain fantasy that is hard to fulfill in real life, you can turn to video games and have fun there. The best thing about them is that they make the impossible things possible. Maybe you've never had the chance of enjoying BDSM so you'll go ahead and have fun with the game called BDSM Discipline, watching a girl do as you say.

Also, many of us have a crush on a fictional character and feel an incredible urge to bang that hot babe. While that used to be impossible, games here let you enjoy those chicks in ways you've never before thought possible.

Of course, there are always downsides to everything, but "pros" heavily outweigh the "cons" in this case. Sure, every now and then you might run into a certain game that will feel lackluster. Maybe someone started making it but got bored or distracted and have never finished it, leaving a lot to be desired. Then, there are online games with boring gameplay or bad graphics, bugs or glitches, but all of that is unavoidable when there are huge galleries of various games and, still, those games are a minority.

There are so many titles in all sorts of genres and niches, featuring all kinds of art styles, from hentai to CGI, that there is bound to be more than one perfect title for anyone who decides to give them a try. Whether you feel like trying out some of the porn parodies on popular TV shows, movies, celebs or even mainstream games, or you want to enjoy a kinky hentai title from the Fuck Town series, nearly endless hours of fun and adult pleasure are guaranteed.

Review Pros

  • Immersive experience
  • Quality games
  • Bonus content

Review Cons

  • Some ads
  • Some bad games

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