Nutaku sounds like a very familiar name for some reason, but why? Maybe because there's that quite famous website called Kotaku that just keeps popping up on your liberal friend's timeline? Maybe because it sounds just like "otaku," which happens to be a phrase your anime-obsessed friend uses a lot and you have no idea what that prick is trying to say? If that was the case, then the name of this page is probably repulsive to you, but trust me, you'll do no good by abandoning this page without even giving it a chance. What kind of person does something like that? That's very, very cruel. You'll hurt the website's feelings.

Either way, the fact that you've run into this website is a very good thing, as you'll be able to have a lot of dirty, sexy fun in here...that is, if you're at least 18 years old. As soon as you click on the link that leads to, you will be greeted with an "enter now" screen, and you should only click on the big pink button in the middle of the page if you're not underage...however, I am quite aware of the fact that many of you will click on the button even if you aren't of legal age. What are you doing here, reading these reviews if you're under 18 anyway? Scram! that all the kids have gone away, let's make our way inside and see what the page has to offer! Obviously, it's very important to mention the fact that it's practically impossible to discuss online hentai porn games without bringing Nutaku up! This online gaming platform focuses primarily on nothing but hentai games. Many of the games here can be played right away, using nothing but your PC and your internet browser. Some of these may even be downloaded to your PC, and some can even be played on the mobile phone if you want to do something like that. Most of these video games (or at least, quite a lot of them) are completely free (and some are even "freemium" games), but some have to be purchased.

This is truly a big-league website, more than 100 million people visit it every single month, so it's easily one of the biggest adult gaming platforms on the internet, and it may as well be the biggest one. There are all kinds of games here, too. Some are strategy, some are defend-the-tower kind of games, some are MMO's, and some are even plain, old dating simulators, but there are plenty point and click video games as well, and some are even based around collectible cards.

Then, there are some turn-based strategy games here as well. So much stuff to choose from. It's truly amazing. The thumbnails for these games have been separated into a few sections such as "top ranking free nutaku hentai games," "newest porn games," "nutaku's staff picks," "upcoming games," and so on. All in all, a great page if you're into hentai games, so come check it out!

Review Pros

  • Many amazing games
  • Plenty video game genres
  • No Ads

Review Cons

  • Overwhelming homepage

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