Lewdzone.com is an online website consisting of online adult games and some animations as well. They are selling themselves as the site that 'provides best and latest adult contents', so let us put that to the test.

The first thing I immediately hated was the amount of adds on every single fucking blank spots on the screen, and also begging for donations at the top of the site as well. You need to decide. Either you're going to bomb your customers with advertisements, or you're going to rely on donations. Or find a balance between those tho. Everything else just seems like you're there to use your customers and that's all.

But still, even after this, i found myself intrigued by their content, because they truly do have some amazing games over here. Some of those are made in 3D and they look especially great. For example, one of them was Harem Hotel, which has great animation and a really fascinating story, making your gaming much more satisfying and making you yearn for those sexual scenes in between, while you're stuck doing tasks around your hotel.

They also have much simpler games, some of which don't require that much work on them, but instead they skip straight to fucking, and these are great too. If they couldn't find the balance with money hunting, they at least found it in the content that they are posting and the appealing to the wide interests that their audience has.

You have the games that focus more on the story, you have some games that focus more on the sex, you have some that take care of their animations and like to be up to standards, and you have some where they decide to make it easier and just make much more simple animations and decide to let you try and enjoy the sex even though it doesn't look even a bit realistic and the body parts and more exaggerated than they should be. The themes also vary a lot, some of them remind you of a Lord Of The Rings spin-off, and some of them just being about meeting in the bars and deciding to fuck in your room.

You can also find lots of incest, if you're actually into that, and try to fuck every single last female in your own home, which can be shown as an objective in games such as Incest Story 1, or 2. Now a little bit about the animations. I have mixed feelings about the games, but the animations I fully enjoyed. Even though there were some weird ones, most of them were well animated and had great scenes to them, which can actually show you if a creator researched and decided to make something that resembles real sex or not. You can see blowjobs, vaginal sex, anal, double penetration and what not.

So, in conclusion, I'm going to have to say that Lewdzone.com is not the best website around as they claimed, but they really are a decent games and sex animations website, and you should definitely check them out.

Review Pros

  • High quality games
  • Great animations
  • Quick loading

Review Cons

  • Too much adds
  • Too many distractions
  • General messiness

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