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When you first enter Fap-Nation.com, you may think it's a little messy, but after a couple of seconds, when you already kind of get this site, you may be surprised by the variety of games they have. Some of these include a story that is a bit more complicated, like a girl graduating from college and finding a new place, only for it to be turned into an orgy spot, or just a simple blowjob simulation game. I'm telling you, you need it - they got it.

It is also neatly categorized and separated so that your browsing pleasure is never disturbed. In the section games you can find games that suit every single operating system in existence, which is awesome, and in the comics you may find western hentai, regular hentai, art work, compilations, and anything your heart desires. It also offers you an option to watch videos, but it will immediately send you to a different site that probably has a partnership with them. This was all technicalities, now let us concentrate on the real deal - the games.

The games here have a couple of main differences, for example, you can find games that are in 2D and you can find games that are in 3D. Those also differ in the story and the story lines, some being shorter, and some being more elaborate, with tasks that you need to complete along the way in order to earn your right to perform or watch the sex scenes that the game consists of. Also, lucky for you, most of their games, if not all, are also available for download on every single operating system as well, which means that you can enjoy them even when you're out and about, but still in a private place.

The first thing that pops into my mind when I need to describe their games are most probably those large boobs that I am seeing everywhere, or school uniforms and maid costumes, which means that right here they obviously value the beauty and femininity of the female body and the sensuality of the sex in the game, instead of packing it up with action that has nothing to do with sex at all.

You also get some games that consist of incest as well, for perhaps Family Freeloader, where you live with your stepsister and you need to find out whether you can or can not end up having sex with her because of the fact that she keeps living in your house for free without giving anything in return. You see, interesting things like that? Or giving you a simulation of you being surrounded with a bunch of young and busty 3D girls that try to cure your porn addiction by doing whatever they want with your cock. You see, simple things like that? So hop around on Fap-Nation.com and have your safe amount of fun and sexy gaming for today, because I promise you, you will love it and cherish it all, right to the last second.

Review Pros

  • Good animations
  • Interesting stories

Review Cons

  • Simple stories
  • Lack of 2D content

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