Cumunista – A Glamour Porn Game

The porn is going through a major change these days. Most big networks are switching to glamour porn, with angelic looking models and sex in luxurious settings. Well, that trend is also reaching the adult gaming world, and the hottest glamcore game of the moment is Cumunista.

Although it’s still in beta, this game is hotter and more exciting than many finished games out there. It combines the intensity and immenseness of a sex simulator with the excitement of an RPG in a new concept that will surely captivate you and will keep you on the edge. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay and the sex experiences that you will get to enjoy is on point. I’ve been playing this game all night when researching for the review, and I must say that it got under my skin. I’ll try to offer you an objective review, but when you’ll start playing Cumunista you will realize how much of a hard thing that is. With no further ado, here’s what you’ll get to enjoy in this brand new game.

The Graphics

First of all, the graphics in Cumunista are amazing. I could go as far as comparing them with GTA V, both in looks and in responsiveness. The characters are perfectly built from an anatomical point of view. The babes look like some of the hottest porn stars of the moment, with big tits, excellent asses and delicious looking pussies. The guy that’s going to be your avatar is also excellent. He’s a big guy with a really big dick, a muscular body and lots of tattoos. Any hot chick would bang this guy, and in Cumminista, you’re going to be him.

The action takes place in multiple settings, including your fancy apartment, at the gym and even in a swinger club where you’re going to get sucked by a hottie through a glory hole. I also love the physics of the game. The bodies of the characters are nicely responsive. Bouncing boobs, pussies getting wet, different facial expressions for pussy drilling an anal sex are making all the action of this game seem so real. Not to mention that the hotties are moaning as screaming like angels when you ravish their holes with your cock. Now let’s talk about the awesome sex you’re going to experience in Cumunista.

Perfect Sex Encounters comes with the same sex style that you’ll find on glamcore porn sites. It’s the kind of sex that’s just as enjoyable for the girl as it is for the boy. In this game the babes are begging to be fucked by your avatar and they love every moment. I could go as far as saying that this game could also be enjoyed by the ladies, because it has that ethical and female-friendly vibe. And it comes with fulfillment for all your fantasies.

There’s excellent oral sex, there’s pussy fucking, and all the babes can be fucked in the ass. What makes the sex more enjoyable in this game is the multitude of amazing camera angles that will capture the sex from all kinds of perspective. You can see the facial expressions of the babes getting pleased, their boobs bouncing, their marvelous asses going up and down the cock, or have a close-up at their holes getting gaped. And you will love the cumshots of Cumunista. Because of the advanced game physics, the sperm is nicely dripping off their faces and the babes know how to play with it.

Register For Free

Because the game is still in beta, anyone who joins the fun now can register for free. And the best part is that once the final version of the game will be launched, anyone who created their account now will be able to enjoy the game for free. Honestly, I can’t believe that this is the beta version of the game. Who knows what other features they will introduce in the game? But until the final version is out, I’m more than sure that you will have lots of fun with Cumunista as it is. Just join it tonight and enjoy the perfect life of a handsome guy who can fuck any girl he meets.

Review Pros

  • Hot Sound FXs
  • Intense real life Sex
  • Lots Of Anal

Review Cons

  • Not Too Much Dialogue

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