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Crazy Fake Taxi – Be The Naughty Cab Driver

There are lots of porn game parodies, based on movies, TV series and even games. But I haven’t seen a porn game parody to be based on a porn site. That until now, because we got the Crazy Fake Taxi, a porn game that’s based on the famous site Fake Taxi. And this title exceeded all my expectations. Not only that they recreate the Fake Taxi vibe in their sex game play, but they come with much more action, multiple characters, cool customization and wild sex scenes. Let’s see why this game is so fire in the following paragraphs of our Crazy Fake Taxi review.

A Game That Impressed Us

First of all, I love the graphics of the game. It’s not the newest game on the market, but it has some amazing character design and HTML5 graphics. It looks modern and it’s surprising that you can paly it directly into your browser. Once you enter the game, you will have some choices to make. You will choose the car from three different taxi options, and then you will choose the drivers. You get that classic British cab driver that’s present in the movies of Fake Taxi, but you also get to play as a Jamaican man with a really nice BBC. On top of that, the game also recreates the lesbian version of Fake Taxi, coming with an option for a female taxi driver.

And then you get to choose who you drive around and fuck. There are three passenger options, and each of them has a different personality. Amber is a local horny party girl, Coco is a hot rich bitch and Sakura is a killer blonde in a tight latex dress who is also a dominatrix. Also, you will get to customize the chicks you will be fucking, but changing their hair color, the boobs and ass size and select how hardcore the action will be. All these combinations will result in a different sex experience, so once you finish playing one customization, go back and try different mixes. You will have fun for hours with the gameplay of Crazy Fake Taxi.

Review Pros

  • One Of The Most Customizable Games
  • Characters Have Naughty Voiceovers
  • Features Lesbian Fake Taxi Fantasy

Review Cons

  • Games Must Be Restarted To Try Different Adventures

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