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The world of pornography is ever-changing, and as such, it needs to bring in more and more innovation to the table, so for this reason, porn games have spawned into our world, and their birth was nothing but a true blessing to all men addicted to masturbation. There are plenty of males around the world with this specific addiction, so, it is indeed essential that there are tons of such games for them to play, as they get bored easily due to their poor attention spans.

Ah, the consequences of excessive masturbation. Truly amazing. I'm just kidding, there's no such thing as "excessive" masturbation, but games that have been coming out in the past few years will get you thinking that you're masturbating way too much. You won't last too long playing CartoonPornGames, that's for sure. The strangers the pornography gets, the better it will feel for you. Sure thing, mainstream pornography will usually be good enough for most of us, but replaying the "normal" mainstream porn will make it so that your brain is quickly bored of "vanilla" porn, and so, it asks for more hardcore, stranger stuff. You won't be getting that guilty feeling after you're done masturbating to CartoonPornGames, but rather, it will have you coming back over and over again to empty your balls more and more. Cartoon pornography just might be that one thing that you need to empty your you should give it a change.

CartoonTubeGame might be the best place to start your quest, but it also might be the best place to end your quest as well, since there's no better place to go when you want to beat it to some 2D pornography. On this website,you're not limited to masturbating to Asian chicks, which is a great plus, since tons and tons of pages with drawn pornography have nothing but "Asian" content, and this gets quite annoying sometimes, especially if you're not really attracted to Asian chicks, but rather, you're attracted to white girls.

Sure, there's a whole lot of hentai on the internet that might be able to beat the content of CartoonTube, but is that really so? Can you interact with Hentai? Of course not! Hentai loses all the time as interactive pornography is what we've all been waiting for all this time.

Porn that lets you play around with the girl in front of you. Something that wasn't previously available in regular porn, but now it's finally here, so it's best that you pay proper attention to games that you can find on cartoon tube. Even the greatest cartoon porn videos come in nowhere as close to interactive porno games when it comes to exciting both men and women. A video has a single pace, and that's about it, but you are the one who controls the positions and the pace of the sex in a video game, so if you want to fuck a girl slow and nice, you can do that. If you want some fast pounding, you get to do that as well.

Review Pros

  • Interactive video game
  • Controllable action
  • Plenty of characters

Review Cons

  • Very addicted
  • Mostly western women
  • Almost no voice acting

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