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Anal Sex Games – Exactly What You’ve Been Waiting For

I’ve been working in the adult industry for a long while now, and although there are so many kinks and fantasies coming and going, one porn category has been and always will be thriving. I’m talking about anal sex. Men from all across the world can’t have enough ass fucking action. And they want it in their adult games as well. If you are an anal sex enthusiast, which I’m sure it’s true, then you will be thrilled to find out that there’s an entire free xxx games site dedicated to this kink. That site is called Anal Games, and we will be talking about it in this following review. It’s worth talking about it because it has everything you need.

It has awesome graphics in games coming from different studios, which means all kinds of different chicks and sex gameplay approaches. Some games have more than just ass fucking. They come with all kinds of additional kinks and sex acts, but also with interesting plot lines that will make playing the games captivating. I literally played all the games on this site. It took me a while, because I was interrupting myself with orgasms. But I know everything about what makes this site awesome. Here’s what you should know about Anal Games before you start playing.

The Many Ass Fucking Adventures on Anal Games

Anal games comes with a very diversified collection. The main focus is on anal sex, but the games all have different themes and many kinky stories. There are sex simulators in which you will feel like you are fucking a real girl after you will create her through customization options, there are some teen games in which horny young babes are craving for hard dicks, and there are also some MILF games in which sexy moms want to be gapped. In the same time, you also get fantasy games with role playing. In one game, you will be the subject of many sexual experiments, and sexy doctors in lab coats will take turns on your cock. In another game you will get to fuck Princess Jasmine. There’s a bondage sex game in which you will punish helpless sex slaves through merciless ass fucking.

But besides anal, the games are featuring a lot more action. There are blowjobs and deepthroats going on in these scenes, there’s even pussy fucking, and some games feature special kinks, such as fisting, chocking, or crazy toy insertions. At the end of each game, you will get to enjoy some cum play. In some titles, you will cum in the asses of the girls for nice anal creampies. In other games, you will shoot sperm on their faces and in their mouths. Talking about orgasms, there are a couple of games on this site in which the babes are squirting. All in all, no matter how kinky and wild you are, the sex gameplay of this site is satisfying.

Characters and Game Graphics in Anal Games

I love sites that feature games in their collections gathered from multiple sources. When they do that, they come with a lot of character variety. Each developer has their style, and that means many types of different hot characters. The babes in these games have one thing in common. They are all realistic looking. The titles are pretty new, all of them built in HTML5, and they come with the latest graphics available. Anal Games comes with bodies of different kinds. Although most of the chicks on the site are vixens, with big tits and bouncing asses, some games are featuring skinny petite teens who look like they are impaled when a long thick cock enters their asses.

Most of the games offer customization options, meaning that you will get to changes the sizes of tits, asses and also the dick sizes in the games. Some games also let you change hairstyle and hair color, and there is one game which will let you select the ethnicity of the character you create for wild ass fucking experiences. Another excellent feature of these games are the body details on the characters. And I also like the voiceovers. Not all games have dialogue, but those in which the characters are talking, the dirty talk alone can make you cum in minutes. And all the chicks on the site are moaning like angels, or screaming from the top of their lungs in the cases in which the anal sex is too rough.

Review Pros

  • Wild and Merciless Ass Fucking
  • Many Additional Fantasies
  • Hot Next-Gen Characters

Review Cons

  • Nothing...

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