BangerLands 3


Bangerlands 3 – The XXX Parody For BorderLands

The latest BorderLands game was a huge success. Not only that it came with impressive gameplay, featuring an interplanetary adventure, but it also came with amazing graphics. What I cared the most were the characters. They were smoking hot this time. And it was just a matter of time until someone made an XXX version for the game. The parody is called Bangerlands 3 and it’s probably one of the best porn parody games of the moment. It features modern graphics, it was built in HTML5, and it has amazing sex scenes. But what it also has is a captivating plot line. The plot line is similar with the one from the original games, but has a couple of twists to integrate as many wild sex scenes as possible. I’m not going to spoil the game story for you, but I am going to tell you a thing or two about the game in this fresh Bangerlands 3 review down below.

The Characters of Bangerlands 3

When I review a porn game parody, or any type of parody game for the matter, the first thing I care about are the characters. I want the characters to look as much as possible like the originals. And in Bangerlands 3 they really did a great job. The recreated the graphics and design style of the original game, which will make you think that you are playing Borderlands and that you installed a kinky patch. What they did different in the game was to transform one of the characters in a transsexual. I’m not going to tell you who it is, but I will tell you that she’s a hot chick with big boobs and massive dick who fucks other babes in wild sex scenes. Talking about sex scenes, let’s see what you’re going to experience in the new Bangerlands 3.

Your Kinky Fantasies Will Come True

It’s no shame to play video games and start having wild sex fantasies with the characters. The developers intentionally make them smoking hot, for us to fall in love with them. And in this game, all those fantasies come true. No matter how sensual or how dirty they are. I love games who are offering a nice variety of sex scenes. In Bangerlands 3 you will enjoy everything from solo action sex scenes in which you will help a hot babe masturbate, to gang bangs in space dive bars, in which crazy guys take turns fucking a helpless girl. The game also comes with a family taboo threesome, in which the Calypso twins are sharing a cock, and there’s also trans and lesbian sex that will blow your mind. The sex scenes are nicely blended with mission gameplay, so it will feel like you are playing a real game in which you must progress if you want to enjoy the kinky content. You can play this game right now and everything comes in your browser. Follow the link on our page and you will be enjoying Bangerlands 3 in a minute.

Review Pros

  • Hot Sex Game Parody
  • Proper Plot Line

Review Cons

  • Nothing...

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